CyberColor's printing process requires the use of film negatives. We have the ability to shoot our own film, in house, using a stat camera, shooting from black and white artwork.

We can receive digital files that can be printed out here, but we need you to communicate with us prior to sending them in case there are restrictions. We can be reached at: (206) 783-9610.

Providing us with black and white artwork (the best quality print at your disposal) can be slightly less expensive. Graphics need to be black on white paper without any screens or gradations, if so, see the instructions at right.

Printing can be very complicated and the requirements for each situation can be vastly different, so please feel free to call us to discuss your project.

For projects that require high-detail (screens, halftones and gradations, 4-color process) and tight registration, it may be necessary to go directly to film using a service bureau that specializes in those services. To minimize any confusion we can communicate our needs with them (i.e., emulsion up or down, film positives or negatives, and knock-out requirements).




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